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Do you enjoy reading romantic love stories, true love stories? Get comfortable and read along as we share our private miracle.How about stories that attest to the faithfulness of God? Let it be a reminder to you that God really does hear and answer prayer!I do not intend to defend a certain set of rules, or refute any.Neither will I pretend like I have the best advice, since I am not even married.Slowly God began to restore my joy and self esteem.After a few years of healing, I had a desire to remarry.When your search for love online has a focus on faith, the results can be phenomenal.

It’s also hard, excruciating, joyful, hurtful, and incredibly fulfilling — at least this is what married people tell me, and from watching them, I believe it.

At the start of his first semester in college, Rick picked up almost exactly where he had left off in high school.

With his outgoing personality and bold, upbeat manner in talking about matters of faith he became instantly popular on the Baptist campus and was elected president of his freshman class.

Our story had much more awkward beginnings: he was late to dinner, dressed in a jacket that should have stayed in 1987, and he mumbled a very awkward “don’t I know you from somewhere? Then there were weeks of misfired conversation, a DTR which revealed that he thought I was being flirty when I was trying to be friendly, followed by a few more weeks of silence.

And then, somehow, our paths crossed again, and I found myself interested in getting to know him.

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    Wade, 27, who is from New Orleans, used to work as a stylist for Katy Perry and writes poems and mantras on Instagram, where she has more than 150,000 followers.

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    Here are some tips to help you get the most out of dating a single mom, or even to simply encourage you to give it a shot. You certainly can be a player if that is all you are looking for, but unless you know for sure that the single mom you are wooing wants the same thing, this could seriously backfire on you.

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    That's why you need to find someone who can keep up with your pace.

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    He rose to fame with the single "I Don't Want to Be" from his debut album Chariot which became the theme song for the television drama series One Tree Hill.

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    For now our site supports only the English language , we are doing our best to make our site available in other languages. Looking for a serious relationship with the potential intention of marriage.