Updating firmware hard drive matthew davis dating sarah lancaster

The upgrade process can be even more difficult for those without an optical drive and spare media.

Sometimes, it's just handy to boot up from another drive and handle your update that way.

First you have to find out which enclosure ID you have and which ID the hard drive has.

You can do this with the following command: The Phys Drv parameter requires an Enclosure ID and an ID of the hard drive you want to flash.

This article describes how to perform a firmware update from hard drives with an LSI or Adaptec RAID controller.

An update can be performed during operation and therefore the server does not need to be restarted.

Upgrading an SSD's firmware though isn't always as simple or intuitive as it should be.

Updating the firmware for disks has historically been a cumbersome task with a potential for downtime, which is why we’re making improvements to Storage Spaces and Windows Server 2016 to enable you to more easily update disk firmware prior to placing a server in production.

You can also use this new functionality to update the firmware of in-production disks if there’s a critically important disk firmware advisory from your hardware vendor or OEM, and your hardware supports this.

So all I could do was to hold my breath and hope that everything worked out (my mind jumped back to the time I bricked an Asus P5B motherboard during a BIOS update and I had to re-flash it using SPI).

After a power cycle, the server booted without problem, and both drives were working perfectly fine with the new SD1A firmware!

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