Updating fields in excel

One account balance – “Other Depreciable Property” – remains unlinked from Excel into Word.

To link the remaining account balance, begin by selecting cell C22 in Excel and executing a Copy command.

To begin, consider the data shown below in Figure 1.

The numeric data in the Word document on the left has been linked from the Excel document on the right.

If necessary you can make a table directly in Indesign, Put the text cursor in the cell you want and the go to Place - checking Show import options - and select just the excel cell, in the Cell Range part of the Excel Import options, you want to place in the table you drew in Indesign. When you get the Place window click show import options on bottom left of that window.

If you do this, you're usually better off selecting Unformatted in the Format part of Excel Import options. Select the excel doc and pick the cells range you want. Once you have the table, you can use the options on the Table menu to make changes.

Note: After pressing this shot cut key, all of the formulas in the worksheet which reference cells change will be updated at once.

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Sure, you could type the data into the Word document or you could copy-and-paste it, but these methods require manual updating in Word whenever the data changes in Excel.

Perhaps the best way of handling this situation is to link the data from Excel into Word as described below.

The spreadsheet contains 5 fields, the first two of which in combination are the unique keys and are therefore used to select which records in the SQL table are to be updated.

Example data in the spreadsheet:wh product ****1 ****2 ****3BG 123456 ABC BCD CDEFE 234567 ACB BCD DEFGR 345678 ABC BCD CDEI know how to import the spreadsheet to a temporary table if that would help, but the update query is the part that I can't figure out.

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