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Between the fame, huge contracts and international connections, MLB players have shown they can land some of the hottest women from around the globe.So, crack open a cold one, forget about your ragtag fantasy baseball roster for just a few minutes and check out the 50 hottest WAGs in Major League Baseball. Louis Cardinals Relationship Status: Married Cardinals outfielder Matt Holliday met wife Leslee in 1998, when he was playing in the minors and she was attending Ohio State. This lady is obviously a woman of many talents to land a stud such as Kelly Gruber. Signed out of the World Baseball Classic, Jays prospect Leon Boyd lean-ons this smily esposa. She is real chummy with Brandon League’s wife as you can see here.

However, today’s professional athlete is becoming more and more savvy to social networking and they are realizing the benefits of Twitter.Baseball may be America's pastime, but that doesn't mean the sport isn't as frustrating as it is thrilling.The MLB season stretches over 162 games, so bad teams have room to gain ground, just as good teams have ample opportunity to slump their way out of the last wild-card spot.The Blue Jays have recently made a concerned effort to connect with fans, which I’m sure most of you guys really appreciate.And as trivial as it may sound, sometimes it’s cool to find out what your favourite players do when they’re not on the field.

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