Pregnancy conception dating

Therefore, your most fertile days would be around the 10th of January to about the 14th.

Here's another example: Let's say you have a period from June 28th until July 2nd. Those with irregular periods or who do not ovulate all of the time may not be able to rely on this method.

When people discuss how far along in pregnancy someone is, they tend to do so in general terms: “She’s in the first trimester” or “She’s four months along.” However, many people have only a vague idea of what those phrases really mean.

Medical professionals use a standard set of up to three methods to date pregnancies: last menstrual period, ultrasound, and a physical exam.

However, if all is going well in this pregnancy, your particular hospital may not offer the scan.

The whole point of the scan is to work out how many weeks pregnant you are.For most mums-to-be, the first scan will be a dating scan at between 10 weeks and 13 weeks plus six days of pregnancy. However, the timing of your first scan will also depend on how your pregnancy is going, and where you live.Your midwife may recommend an early scan at between six weeks and 10 weeks if you have experienced bleeding, pain, or problems in a previous pregnancy.Having a scan in the first few months of pregnancy can be a thrilling experience.It's amazing to see the little blob with a heartbeat that will soon become your baby.

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