Most intimidating cars

I can confidently say that the wonderfully eclectic collection of vintage NYPD patrol cars and motorcycles on display is a can’t-miss.

An emerald-green service truck adorned with gold leaf decals stands tall next to a beautiful sky-blue and white Chevy Caprice a couple decades its junior.

Almost every part of the Knight XV is custom made from scratch in Etobicoke.

“We machine all the components from the hinges, to the emblem, right down to the key,” says company president Tim Chapman. A typical Knight XV takes six months to build and costs upward of 9,000, plus international shipping.

The biggest issue is making the engine breathe clean enough for regulators and then certifying it to their satisfaction.

The complexity of all this work is likely to lead to a bill of more than 0,000 and take three or four months, Autocar estimated. That means that the two American Vulcan owners will still have to content themselves with owning one of these awesome cars and driving it at the track, or they can ship it overseas on those occasions when they want to drive on the street.

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During this span, the car had 11 top five finishes, and 15 times it finished in the top 10.

It exciting to see the new Lincoln Navigator make to production with an incredible amount in common with the concept.

The SRT Demon obviously stole vast majority of headlines, but oddly enough, knowing there is a 295 horsepower four-cylinder Jaguar F-Type is on the way is pretty damn exciting too.

The results are sure to be one of the most extraordinary road cars of all-time.”To make the Vulcan drivable on public roads, it will need some simple things, like street-legal tires (tyres?

) in place of its racing slicks, and the lights will have to be government-approved rather than just functional.

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