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Primarily to be found within the homosexual community – this deadly virus soon spread to heterosexual couples as well. Nor are questions regarding how often couples should have sexual intercourse. Is the frequency more important than the intensity? More important is the intensity of sexual intercourse – or making love. This is always a tricky topic, but it is not that difficult to obtain sex for money in Malta. Some couples may require daily intercourse whilst others content themselves with a weekly live making session.Mazzitelli compared the genetic patterns generated by the DNA markers to investigate genetic relationships much the same way as DNA profiling is used in paternal testing.Mazzitelli identifies four cultivars indigenous to the Maltese islands: the Bidni, Malti, White Olive or bajda and the Maltese wild oleaster.

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Up until the 1970’s considered to be the most common and dangerous. Located on the West coast of Gozo, Dwejra is perhaps the most spectacular natural monument in Malta.Geology, time, the elements and human intervention worked together to produce a fascinating area that features the Azure Window, an Inland sea, Fungus Rock, Dwejra bay, the Blue Hole, a watch tower and cart ruts.Less renowned, but boasting an extra curiosity factor is the White Olive or Bajda cultivar, first discovered in 2010.Conspicuous in that it produces attractive white olives that turn slightly pink as they mature, the white olive may have survived on Malta from old times as the Perlina olive and the ‘Pearls of Malta’ referenced in Renaissance literature might be referring to this white olive.

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