Local females to fuck in freestate bethlehem

BETHLEHEM – Yoliswa Mazibuko*, who lives in Bethlehem in the Free State has to put her health at risk to provide for her family.

Being a single parent to three children has led her to a job she never pictured herself doing at any day: sex work. I work as a prostitute to generate income and provide for my family,” said *Mazibuko.

Sex work is the only means of income that I know,” she said.

Mazibuko’s friends are also all sex workers that is how they make a living.

“I used to drink a lot and have a lot of girlfriends back home and at school in Durban.” Like many, Dhlamini said he was shocked at the diagnosis and initially reacted in anger. I had 10 girlfriends who loved me so much because I was so popular,” said Dhlamini, who added that he had been treated for multiple sexually transmitted infections (STIs) during school.There are no national figures on the number of nyaope users.However heroin users comprised the third largest group of rehab users in South African National Council of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (SANCA) programmes as of 2013.These kinds of breaks in the skin may allow HIV to more easily into the body Convinced he was going to die, Dhlamini began planning his funeral programme that night.“I then went into my bedroom took an A4 page and started drafting my funeral programme,” Dhlamini remembered.

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