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The fan of innuendos completely shirks any hint of coyness on the track, which features a beat reminiscent of squeaking bed springs.In 2011, Ginuwine released two solo albums, including The singer released his breakthrough single "Pony" in 1996.Dripping with state-of-the-art productions that, 15 years later, still sound out of this world, it established Ginuwine as one of his genre’s most progressive artists and formed the prototype for Timbaland’s later, Billboard chart-conquering collaborations with the likes of Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado.Recorded over two months in New York in 1998, “100%” was the product of a fertile moment in R&B history, yielded from the same team of collaborators that produced Jodeci’s “Diary of a Mad Band” (1993), Aaliyah’s “One in a Million” (1996), and Playa’s “Cheers 2 U” (1998).He spills on the project’s many characters, collaborating with Aaliyah, how many girls he was dating in 1998 and even his upcoming cameo on the series finale of the NBC sitcom “Parks and Recreation.” Billboard: This was your sophomore album, not your first, not your last. Ginuwine: Well the first record is something that you just put so much into.And the second record, people always talk about the sophomore jinx and everything, but I was still able to get through it and still focus on what I needed to do and make timeless music.Signed to Epic Records since the mid-1990s, Ginuwine had released a number of multi-platinum and platinum-selling albums and singles, becoming one of R&B's top artists during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

The video received many positive reviews from Solé and Ginuwine's fans.

The music video, directed by Chris Robinson, featured an appearance by rapper Solé and was known for changing Ginuwine's hairstyle from a baby afro to a cornrow fade.

Ginuwine began dating Solé soon after the video was filmed and they wed in 2003.

Ginuwine has had a career renaissance over the past few years, thanks to several huge references to him and his most famous song, "Pony," across film, TV and music.

Now, the overt R&B singer is jumping back into his own music career with the absurdly titled "Leave It In." "I think she love me, 'cause she keeps saying 'leave it in,'" Ginuwine sings on the slow jam.

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