Free granny hook ups

They take a little time to assemble but are really fun to make, you can use any color combination that you like and move them around your house.

I have already found many uses for them: to gather my yarn and crochet hooks when I’m working on a project, to put my most treasured nail polish bottles and jewelry or just to hide away the little bits and pieces that are frequently scattered in my home. You will need: – cotton yarn (in three different colors for me, but you can use as many as you wish) – a crochet hook that matches your yarn size (a 3.0mm or D crochet hook in my case) – a piece of fabric – scissors – thread and needle – I also used a sewing machine for the lining but you can do without it How to: You now need to assemble your granny squares to get a cube.

Slip stitch in the last stitch of the granny square. Cut a square of fabric of the size of the bottom square and add 0,4 inches for the seams (in my case 3,9 by 3,9 inches). Fold the long strip of fabric in two (face against face) and sew at 0,4 inch of the edge (image 12).

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Repeat for each side so you get your cube (image 8). In my case 3,5 inches x 4 0,4×2 for the seams = 14,8 inches. In my case 3,5 inches 0,4×2 for the seams = 4,3 inches.

Add a row of single crochet to the top of your cube to give it a bit more structure. For the handles, insert your hook in the 3 stitch from the last of the granny square, single crochet in the last stitch, turn around and work another row of single crochets in the 30 stitches. Cut a strip of fabric of 14,8 by 4,3 inches (in my case).

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