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ECR deejay Damon Beard and his colleague Simbine were discussing litter on Thursday and asking readers if they had ever been caught littering and if they ever felt guilty.

Botha said Simbine admitted on radio that she “throws rubbish on the ground because it gives people jobs”.

Botha called on Beard to ask Simbine: “If that was her wonderful school of thought, should we not then be all abusing children?

As that would keep child welfare and child councillors in jobs.” An irate Botha felt that if there was no litter, money could be saved and could be well spent on job creation and furthering education.

No one likes a litterbug and Durban radio listener Dee Botha is no different.

She has taken East Coast Radio deejay Zaba Simbine to task for her comments on littering during last week’s afternoon radio slot, The Drive with Damon.

This annual campaign aims to spread joy and happiness by providing every child in a government hospital, children’s home and orphanage in Kwa Zulu-Natal with a brand new toy.

Then all those people who clean up would have no jobs.” Botha e-mailed Beard after the comment, which Simbine now realised was “completely irresponsible”.

In her e-mail to Beard, and the radio station’s managing director, she asked for an on-air apology from Simbine, warning that she would approach the press if one was not forthcoming.

She also sent Beard a message on his Facebook page to which he replied that he did not receive her e-mails but would contact Simbine and that she would reply to Botha.

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