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Walking in the countryside, travel, music, dining, ... The social interaction and daily combat with my manager is interesting and challenging. To build memories together and grow closer and stronger very accommodating and compromising. Interests include photography Job satisfaction always work as a team Nice to have good work relationship. London is beautiful place where I live nice and easy transportation.

Being brave and pushing past the urge to procrastinate or panic, is how we succeed and accomplish our dreams and goals. I enjoy walking on the coast and in the countryside. Close family, friends and the time that we spend together. Chat, drink, eat, maybe visit a cinema or restaurant. Interests include photography Im in a bit of a rush at the moment will update later. Occasional off roading, car booting and collecting.I got photos so much better than anything my friends took.I would definitely recommend her.”• Photo session in natural light or my studio • Light digital retouching to remove blemishes, etc.

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