Dating tad hamilton

It took the better part of a year, it took a lot of soul searching, but I see that crystal clear now.

and I’m getting to know a great guy who made me a lovely lunch the other day and who makes up silly songs for me, and who’s happy to sport some of my lipstick on his cheek.

Hugh Grant’s character literally bumps into Julia Robert’s fictional celebrity, Anna Scott, thus starting a romance and giving gullible viewers everywhere false hopes of having a relationship with their celebrity crush.The name of "Tad Hamilton" has been seen as a cross between the names of screen idols Tab Hunter and George Hamilton.The film received mixed reviews from critics and earned .1 million in the United States and .2 million overseas for a worldwide total of .3 million, making it a commercial failure against a million budget.The three Piggly Wiggly store workers—Rosalee, Cathy, and Pete—are watching and as the nurse on screen asks for forgiveness and the soldier agrees, the women in the audience are moved to tears as Pete is clearly unimpressed.As the girls wonder what Tad Hamilton—the star of the film—is doing at that moment, their prediction of praying is proven false as the scene cuts to Tad—described in the next scene by his agent—"drinking, driving, smoking, leering, and groping all at the same time".

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