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And despite all of that, the very worst outcome occurred there, and it occurred because of the gross misuse of alcohol and hazing.” Piazza, 19, died in early February after falling down stairs during pledge night, and fraternity brothers didn’t call for help until the next morning, nearly 12 hours later.

The precipitous turn illustrates the problem that universities face policing fraternities, which are private associations overseen by alumni boards and often located off campus.

i’m in awe of the last seven years and i’m especially grateful that you’ve stuck by my side during joyful and challenging times. on instagram, i see “introduction” posts pop up frequently and i’m never quite sure what to write.

In fact Beta Theta Pi was among Penn State’s best, according to the official, Damon Sims.

Beta Theta Pi had a live-in adult adviser, Tim Bream, 56, who also serves as Penn State’s assistant athletic director and head trainer for the football team.

Bream, Sims said, was in line to be named fraternity adviser of the year.

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