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Currently, the following languages are supported by Date:: Manip.

The version of Date:: Manip where they were added is included (so you can see the minimum version of Date:: Manip needed to parse each).

This is neccessary so there's a way to notify you about comments, information about your accepted project edits and the like.

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On Saturday morning (May 20, 2017) the Chinese Sun-Times reported Lang Lang and girlfriend, to be shopping for engagement rings.

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Slavonic beauty now is a pride of many happy husbands, who managed to find the lady of their dream in Russia and post-Soviet countries.The language can be chosen by setting the Language config variable to the name of the language or any of the aliases included in the table. Language Version Aliases English default en, en_us Catalan 5.43 ca Danish 5.41 da Dutch 5.32 Nederlands, nl Finnish 6.31 fi, fi_fi French 5.02 fr, fr_fr German 5.31 de, de_de Italian 5.35 it, it_it Norwegian 6.21 nb, nb_no Polish 5.32 pl, pl_pl Portuguese 5.34 pt, pt_pt Romanian 5.35 ro, ro_ro Russian 5.41 ru, ru_ru Spanish 5.33 es, es_es Swedish 5.05 sv Turkish 5.41 tr, tr_tr When you submit the new language, I'll need the name of the language (of course) and any common locale names that might be useful for people to select the language.For example, if you were creating a Spanish translation (which is not necessary since it already exists), I would need the following list: lines. Looking for foreign men, Russian brides wish to find a firm ground for the future, want to be loved and respected the way they deserve. Being so family-oriented, Russian brides prefer to start a family with men who reached something in life already therefore age difference is not a problem as a rule.

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