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These cruising spots, known here as “potajeras”, represent a challenge for the work of prevention of HIV/AIDS, say activists, researchers and men who have sex with men (MSM) who spoke to IPS.“I have witnessed unprotected group sex.All kinds of people go there, and not everyone has an awareness about the epidemic,” said Hernández, who described the potajeras as “key to the spread” of HIV/AIDS.A capsule history of Cuba seems appropriate at this point, given the mandatory educational nature of American travel to the island.America set up a trade embargo against the nation in 1960, as a reprimand against former president Fidel Castro’s alliance with the Soviet Union and human rights violations connected to the country’s Communist control.Credit: Jorge Luis Baños/IPS- When night falls, young men can be seen sitting on a dismantled bus stop on a remote hill far from the centre of the Cuban capital.

Taxi drivers were responding by driving around empty, stating to the customers they were ‘taxi privado’ now and would only take the customers straight to their homes (at 10 times the price they would normally have to pay.) This has been going on for a few weeks now (March 17) and a solution does not seem at hand. If I need an IPhone, Invicta watch, Tablet, TV or anything else, she has another Canadian, a German, a Swede and as of last week even an Italian and is happy to provide. You will spend a dozen years in a minus 5 star all-inclusive. Sometimes I wonder why they don’t sell it at schools.

We went to the beach one day, and it was just like, ‘hey, you want some rum?

’ We didn’t find really good rum until beach day,” she recalls with a laugh.

Some say they struggle to find a 'normal' woman who might want them for something other than their cash.

The boys seem to trade their wares differently; most want drinks, a meal or foreign goods they can't get their hands on in Cuba. He is just one of the multitude of men and women who find companionship here in Cuba.

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