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In the 1960s, consumers began to buy milk from grocery stores, so Wawa transitioned to a convenience store in order to sell their own milk.

In 1964, Wawa Food Markets opened its first store under the leadership of Grahame Wood. In 2003, the company began to construct a new distribution center in Carney’s Point, NJ. There are currently nearly 600 Wawa locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Florida.

It started as a search for cutting-edge SCI rehab possibilities, but before long a newly-injured 17-year-old gymnast and her family had traveled thousands of miles and visited dozens of rehab and research centers.

There is another friend of mine from the same group that is a double arm amputee. I would like to take her out with Jeff and I sometime. Rick had often asked Jeff things about wheelchair lovers.

Reply New location in Norristown/Plymouth Meeting/Conshohocken Pa at Ridge Pike & Fairfield Road.

I am very disappointed with the service and disorganized interior (specifically the signage) in this store.

My immediate thoughts were: Therapy that creates functional return in a complete SCI? Fascinating as it is, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it.

The Quest for Return of Function Harthcock was a competitive springboard diver, dancer and gymnast when on June 7, 2004, at age 17, she crashed while doing a gymnastics maneuver.

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