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4U - Question for you 1FTR - One For The Road24/7 - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week2L8 - Too Late2U2 - To you too3D - Three-Dimensional404 - I haven't a clue (error message 404, address not found)^5 - High Five A/S/L - Age/Sex/Location A/S/L/P - Age/Sex/Location/Picture AA - Alcoholics Anonymous AAA - Any Advice Appreciated AAMOF - As A Matter Of Fact ADGR - Any Donations Gratefully Received ADN - Any Day Now AFAIAA - As Far As I Am Aware AFAIC - As Far As I'm Concerned AFAICT - As Far As I Can Tell AFAIK - As Far As I Know AFAIR - As Far As I Recall AFAIUI - As Far As I Understand It AFK - Away From Keyboard AGAN - As Good As New AI - As If AIC - Ain't It Cool AISB - As I Said Before AISI - As I See It AIUI - As I Understand It AIW - As It Were AKA - Also Known As ALOIA - A Lot Of It Anyway AMAP - As Many/Much As Possible AMF - Adios, Mother F'r or Adios, My Friend AMIGA - A Merely Insignificant Game Addiction ANAWFOS - And Now A Word From Our Sponsor APAC - All Praise And Credit APITN - A Pain In The Neck ASAP - As Soon As Possible ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange ASWGAFF - Ask Someone Who Gives A Flying Fart! DIY - Do It Yourself DK - Don't Know DKU - Drop Kick Ugly DL or D/L - Download DLG - Devilish Little Grin DLTBBB - Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite DNA - Did Not Answer DNPM - Darn Near P'd Myself DOA - Dead On Arrival DOB - Date/Day Of Birth DOM - Dirty Old Man DQM - Don't Quote Me DRA - Don't Recognise Acronyms DS - Darling Son DTD - Document Type Definition DTM? DTOKAB - Drop To One Knee And Blow DTP - Desk Top Publishing DTRT - Do The Right Thing DUCWIC - Do you see What I see? WYGIWYPF - What You Get Is What You Pay For WYMM - Will You Marry Me? DIIK - Damned If I Know DIL - Daughter-In-Law DILLIGAF - Does It Look Like I Give A F***?Orientation is relatively easy, as the mountains to the east are generally visible from most parts of the city.To understand the sheer size of the city, consider that Mexico City and New York City are the only North American cities larger than Bogotá.Many people encounter internet slang and acronyms like “lol,” “omg,” “thx,” “wtf,” “lmao,” etc.

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